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Cops 🇮🇳

Wish u a very happy independence day🇮🇳
It’s a respect and a gratitude towards you that I have.
As our cops spend selfless time for being there in our services 24*7 🤗
Yes!…. All your sacrifice of family and a personal life is worth and a privilege for having such people like you in our country 🇮🇳

When ever I see people like you it’s just a breath taking movement for me.
Cause for me people like you is an inspiration for lot of people out there
Many people look up to you.
So am I.

You go to work early everyday
For you to be safe is what I pray
You often works late, not a set time
You stays busy on the streets, fighting crime
You has a whole family that loves you too
The most honorable man that I ever knew
Lots of people are bad, must protect the city
Catching crooks isn’t fun or very pretty
Your job makes us feel safe in our home
You makes a point to find them, where ever they roam
So please dear god, keep you safe tonight
And let you not have to get into a fight

I admire you ❤️
For your dedication ❤️
Your service ❤️
Your self less sacrifices ❤️
For being a protector ❤️

Respect for HP police🇮🇳
Jai hind 🇮🇳
Jai Bharat🇮🇳

respect & gratitude



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