Humans of Himachal

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What colour of skin, do death and sufferings acknowledge?
Don’t look at me now, pretending, you had no knowledge.

Raping my child, breaking my womb,
I am forced to wear a viel of gloom.

The red of my blood is shadowed by, red quenching the city,
All the colours are gone, that once made my people pretty.

They humiliated my heart with every possible force,
I know universe loved us, when Nile refused to engulf corpse.

You said you are safe, and I always wonder,
Maybe you’ll know, when your own doors receive this thunder.

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  1. I have read a LOT of poetry, written a lot, but this is some of the most beautiful…sadness…my eyes have ever seen.

    I will let you know now that I will be reblogging this on my Chick Wisdom blog, here in this site, because the things that women are dealing with right now in this country are the things that lots of women have had to deal with, whether openly and publicly, or, behind closed doors, where women, at least some of us, are treated worse than the family pet.

    It is an ugly time for womankind right now but, the thing that they will try to take, that they cannot take, is our voice. The more that we stand up, and stand together, the stronger that we become. The more that we make it part of societyʻs awareness, the more we will have to fight for it, yes, but the more we get it into the minds of those who we are here on behalf of, are here for the purpose of giving words, giving voice on behalf of, the more that we are heard by those who support who we are.

    I love this poem…mahalo nui loa for being a bright spot in all of this ugliness. We can think we are weak but, we are the strongest people on the planet. If we were not, these people who want us to believe we are weak would not continue to fight against us.

    Stay strong…thanks for being the voice among the many voices….

    Roxanne Cottell
    Southern California

  2. Kajal, very unusual and mysterious, you have me wondering! Perhaps there is a secret hidden in these words that only certain persons can fathom with sincere mediation, finding the riddle! Regardless, it chills to the bone like some thriller or suspense novel in tone and I wonder if a story of that same classification could grow from the seed you planted here in this piece?

      1. Yes Kajal, now it connects or dovetails as I said the man-made horrors of this world came across to me with you not actually being specific about Sudan or anything tangible in current events! My Dad when I was a boy told me to be careful as I get older to not be my own worst enemy because many men do that in life and ruin so much in the process! I think the pacifists are good how they try to be so peaceful in a tumultuous even mad world but even that is not enough I’m afraid my friend; as we even know from the example of Gandhi’s life story! Mankind is its own worst enemy it seems but it is not its own salvation as we can agree I believe too, that will take something much more supernatural and higher than we mere humans to resolve all the conflict in the world and man’s heart!
        Peace to you, and God bless you!
        Lawrence Morra

      2. Kajal, this long message I had written to post on your Rainbow and somehow I opened this post first so perhaps the words I left can transfer to both situations that you felt and wrote about in a meaningful way.

    1. So very true and Jesus Christ did say in unmistakable terms both in words and His actions that He was and is the Way, Path and Life! We all need God more than ever now; because this digital age has brought so much to bear upon a weary world so quickly, while humanity seems to be receding into the shadows!

  3. I don’t have words kajal to express my grief! But your I felt gutted and chill down the spine! Hopefully the world will be at peace!!!

  4. It’s so heartbreaking what’s happening in Sudan, not just Sudan, the world at large. We’ve forgotten what humanity feels like, we’ve birthed villians who have stole this Earth’s children, who have skinned her and now she cries.

    1. Very astounding accurate and deep compassionate words you left here for Kajal and we readers! The world is in desperate deep trouble because like you said humanity is slipping away while monsters from hell basically hijack minds and hearts! God Help Us!

  5. I spent some time researching what’s happening. Be safe. May the LORD be with you and strengthen you. May the Light of the LORD Jesus shine upon your face, and prove to you that you are loved beyond all measure. In the Grace of our LORD Jesus Christ, Amen.

    Stay strong. These kinds of things are even starting to happen in the free world. It’s a little bit harder to pin down here, but monopolies control our information and use it to misinform us. So, we never hear about things like this unless brave souls like you bring it up.

    Shalom. Saalam. Peace be with you, and Israel.

    1. Really glad to know that this poem made you search about the issue.
      Monopolies do control the information, but I believe together we can raise awareness and make world a better place to live.

      1. The world will never be a better place, friend. We simply live in it, and we can be the better place. It seems to only get darker, or perhaps I draw further and further away from it.

        But, it is just like an engine. It needs fuel. That is God’s Love. And that fuel is growing scarcer because people are drawing further away from Him.


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