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2am talk

Both were online.
She – “hi”.
He – hey!
She (should i tell her or not. Was in a conflicting state between her heart and mind).
He – how are you?
She – fine.
He – what happened? Are you fine?
She – it hardly matters. So stop worrying.
He – You even know you can share anything with me I’ll not be judgement.
She – oh! Please! Just stop pretending that you really care for me. Enjoy of your fake concern.
He – Are you mad? How can you ever thinks like this ?
She – I don’t want to talk to you. Just leave me alone.
He – listen
She – ( didn’t replied)
He – whats the matter? I am always there for you no matter what but just tell me whats wrong. Please i request you .
She – you really want to know?
He – yes! (Hope she’s fine)
She – Enough of it now. I love you. And its really hard for me to hide these feelings now.
He – Don’t stress yourself. I understand.
She – Am i that bad?
He – No dumbo in fact you are a perfect marriage material that a guy wants.
She – Then why don’t you? Its been so long. Even you know this. Then why can’t we be together.
He – why are you always stuck on one thing.
I like you but not the way you like me.
She – Ok (her heart was numb eyes were in tears heart felt pain but just smiled and pretended as if everything was fine).
He – yeah! Thats like my girl.
She – in her mind ( why me? I love him but is that a mistake? Or m i not beautiful enough?) She started doubting herself.
He – In his mind ( i love u and i love you a lot but i don’t want to become her weakness i can’t tell her that i too feel the same.
She – I’ll never express my feeling again.
(From that day those feelings are same but left unsaid)
He – stop crying.
She – i don’t cry.
He – I know you very well
She – huhhhhhhhhhhh.
He – muuuaaaahhhhhh..
She – ( I wish we were together forever).
He – ( hope she’s fine )
U know i am the luckiest guy to have a friend like you in my life. You are such a blessing)
She – ( only i know the pain that i feel and deals with every single night)
If we are destined to meet no one can stop that. So let our destiny be the decision maker.
He – love you
She – love you too

Once again heart felt the same pain. Those eyes were again numb. The heart was sinking. Lot of things left unsaid and the same story was repeated.

Attachments leads to temporary pleasure and permanent pain but love gives us temporary pain and permanent pleasure.

Why to fall in love?
Just rise in love.

By:- Ayushi sharma

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