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Winter Wonderland: Spiti Valley

The first time I went to Spiti was in summer of 2015 and decided that I will come back to this place in winters. In 2020, I finally decided to go there again. so in march I finally left for Spiti with my three friends. I had fallen asleep once we had left home and awoken to look out of the car to a wide valley on my left and rolling hills, patches of forest and small villages tucked into folds of the mountains on my right. The dream-like element of arrival to the valley continued as I sipped my hot cup of tea on a roadside Dhaba and enjoyed the cotton wool flakes falling from the sky. There are millions of people in the world who see nothing unusual in falling snow. But for people like me who live in plains, it is a magical experience. This became a regular view for the next ten days. Every day I woke up to temperature below zero which usually dipped to -20 at night, snow covered mountains, cold breeze and frozen rivers. It was like waking up on the canvas of nature in black and white. After continuing our journey for six days in snow and rain, we reached the last destination of the trip: Kaza. It is the most crowded town of the valley in summers, but in winters it had turned quiet and peaceful. The best moment of my whole trip happened in Kaza. As soon as I reached my homestay, I kept my rucksack in the room and went on the terrace with my friends to enjoy the view when we saw a red fox running behind a dog on the frozen river. For the next two days we drove around Kaza and got a chance to see many wild animals in their natural habitat like blue sheep, ibex, red fox, snow leopard mom with her two cubs. I enjoyed every moment, each breath of the trip amazed by the nature’s stunning works of art. The great experiences always await you outside your comfort zone. If you restrict yourselves within the boundaries, you might miss them.

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