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Kinnaur - Himachal Pradesh - HUMANSOFHIMACHAL.COM

Welcome to Kinnaur – Heaven on Earth | Himachal Tourism

I only visited Kinnaur once, but this place still vibes in my head. Every time I start talking about this place I get goose bumps all over my body. I don’t know how do I express the blissful feeling of when you arrive there. It’s a different world, different from all you would have ever seen it’s a pure definition of Amazing. This place has out of imagination views, Stunning valleys and thrilling but astonishing mountains. Kinnaur offers both adventure and peace to the explorers. And one of those lucky people was me. I don’t know if I will ever be able to pen down the words for this magical and heavenly place, but here we go…

A place where you will see mother nature at her best. From the awestrucking valleys of Satluj, Spiti and Baspa to the highest mountain ranges like Zanskar and Dhauladhar, it’s impossible to see all of it in this little life of ours. And it is in Kinnaur district where the highest peak of Himachal Pradesh is located, known as Reo Pargyul. An another very well known peak named Mighty Kailash is also there. This heavenly district is also second richest district in Himachal Pradesh in terms of per capita income after Solan district.

Kinnaur - Himachal Pradesh - HUMANSOFHIMACHAL.COM
Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Talking about the trees,plants, Vegetables and fruits, Alpine species such as juniper, pine, cypress and others are found at higher elevations, whereas at a lower altitudes there is world famous Apple, Maple, apricot and many more to count. This land of fairy tales has much more surprises than anyone could imagine, or ever expect. The serenity you experience here will accompany you for a long time, calling you back for more. The people of Kinnaur are no doubt very proud of their origin, but with that are the most sweet people you can even meet.

My one time experience gave me the memories for lifetime. But it will never be enough for me even if I go there again and again. I bow down to the purity of Kinnaur and how the locals have maintained it. For who has visited to this location in the world map, knows there is no other like it. For a living experience of heaven I would prefer no other destination than Kinnaur. So go ahead my daring hearts, the holy land awaits you.💜

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