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Hadimba Devi Temple Manali

The more you explore Himachal, the more you unveil

I opened my eyes and found myself on a narrow road somewhere between gigantic mountains and a fierce river. It was a tiring bus ride of twelve hours with my friends, two of them were sleeping and the third one was engrossed in taking pictures. The window seat was ever so advantageous as it always is. The view, the way and the people. Everything was ever so different than what we had been living till date.

We started our excursion with the ever so famous Mall Road of Manali. Though crowded, it was a face to face with the culture of Himachal. Natives wearing colour ful caps and clothes. They are different than the tourist crowd, mainly due to the clothing and off course the language.

There are many places to surf around chill over there. The only tip that I would give is to check the weather before going there. Cold and pleasant weather is always a win win.

The second tip is to have a home stay between the mountains the rivers. Our place had the essence of Himachal. We could hear the soothing sound of river while sleeping and used to wake up to the sight of somewhat golden-greenish-spectacular mountains. There were jungles as well around our place. We went and explored them and found ourselves between skyscraper like trees, uneven roads tearing through the vegetation of the ever so grand jungle. We went there sometime in the evening and had our snack at bagpacker’s cafe.

The following day of our itinerary had to mark down some famous and mainstream places of Himachal. The Manikaran Gurudwara and ever so famous Kasol. Gurudwara is famous for it’s boiling water stream and even the “Langar” is made with the help of it. Kasol is one of the most popular places in Himachal. People come here due to the availability of marijuana. The fun part is that in whichever shop you go, shopkeeper would ask you for a smoke. They even have the organic cigarettes. Some souvenirs can also be purchased from there.

The final day of our trip began a little late, we saw some art galleries and museums of Kullu. They are not really talked about, but if you go there, you will definitely find some of the most
beautiful, beat-stopping views. There is this kind of peace and poetry at these places.

Himachal is sort of mystery in itself, the more you see it, the more you want to explore it. The more you explore it, the more you unveil. I wish we had more time to experience the infinite
beauty of this place.

Sakshi Sharma

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