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Solan City

The Heart of Himachal – SOLAN

Solan, has always been down in the list when someone talks about Himachal Pradesh. I just want to shed light on this beautiful hill city, equally as amazing as others. Not only this place is astonishing, but has proven to be the most rapidly growing city of Himachal Pradesh. Named after  Maa Shoolini, Solan is the largest municipal council of HP. People of Solan are blessed to have the beautiful and scenic beauty, with also the modern development. Being dynamic in nature Solan has always grown as an economy.

Solan City View
Solan City View, Himachal Pradesh

Solan has achieved a lot of titles throughout these years. It’s called the mushroom city of India, because of the bulky production of mushrooms here. Also we can not forget the production of tomatoes in a large amount  giving Solan another name that is city of Red Gold. It doesn’t end here, as this city is also known as the educational hub of Himachal. The very renowned universities like Shoolini University are located in Solan. And on the other hand it is also the economic capital of Himachal Pradesh. If that’s not enough I have a lot of other facts too!

Balcony View of Solan
Balcony View, Solan

The history of Solan is also very fascinating. Historical evidences mention that Pandavas lived here during their exile, Mount Karol is where the cave of Pandavas is still there. Mount Karol itself is a historic and extraordinary gem to the city. Solan has one of the oldest breweries in the country too. The very popular yearly Shoolini Fair is also going on since many years in Solan city. There also  is a 300 years old fort which tourists love to visit. Then there is the Heritage park in Ashwani khad, and the list goes on and on.

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The temple of Mata Shoolini is also a main attraction for tourists. Other religious places include Jatoli temple again known as the oldest Shiva Temple here, the Yundun Monastry and many more. My main point here is many people are unaware of the facts of this marvelous City. But many who are, know that it’s a incredible place to be. Jai shoolini Maa🙏🏻

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