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The Great Outdoors – Trek & Snow

It was a clear blue sky on a perfect winter morning over an altitude of 6000 feet.
She began to tell him the story of her yet another trek she made recently.

” It was through a deserted dry rough road that I walked and the tranquility of green trees and the absence of people loosened my back and there, a little far from me, I saw a small green tea shop and an old uncle standing there.
It was welcoming and so was the little bench which was put there to invite laboured legs. Those twenty minutes, life seemed simple to me. You should have been there witnessing that steaming cup of tea with eyes toward the distant majestic snowy mountain peaks and the tall trees next to me.
After a while, I began to walk further towards my location of the day and that’s where I witnessed the white sheet of snow over fresh green leaves for the first time that year.
Roused at the sight, I began to walk a path guided to a waterfall. I imagined it virtually and found that it was pleasing. With each few metres, the hike was getting tougher for me.
For one, I wasn’t wearing shoes fit enough to walk on snow.
Secondly, I was terrified of those hair raising steeps on my left.
Meanwhile, I fell down a couple of times too. So the creeping fear was justifiable.
I went almost three quarters of the distance but I could go no more.”
She kept narrating this to him without a pause.

Then she sighed and continued, “And I retraced my path, falling down, holding onto small branches and came back to the place where I considered safe.”

She looked down at her hand, thinking of that moment she took that snow and told him, “I probably lost to that fear, that I gave up seeing the clear waterfall which must have been extraordinary, I am sure.”
Without a second thought she told him, ” Hey next time when you go, make sure you reach till the end and tell me what I had missed”.
She smiled half heartedly.

After taking her hand in his, he finally responded,
” Sure, I will but what’s the fun in facing something incredible if you are not there with me !!! “.

She blushed hearing that because she knew the next time, she would make it, with him.

Written by Gracie Pooman (@graciepooman)

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