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That House in the Mountains

It was a beautiful morning. As I opened my eyes and went to the balcony of my room I saw a house. It seemed like a scenery which we draw in our 1st lesson of drawing classes. when we put all our imaginations in the canvas with so many colors. That house looks that much beautiful. It was a mud house, covered with the mountain tree famously known as Deodar Tree. On the back of the house, mountains are covered with full of snow seems like someone puts a white sheet in the background for the picture-perfect.

My eyes were so blessed while watching that view. The sun with its full rays keeps us warm from the chilly wind. I was taking the sip of the hot cup of coffee & there a husband & wife enjoying every bit of their cup of tea with a smile & a relaxation on their faces. They both were dressed in a Himachal tradition, passing their culture, language, beliefs, knowledge to their grandchildren. That beautiful house in the mountains

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