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Solitude in Nature

My first Solo peak climb was Indrahar Pass during the Shivratri season in 2016. The trek started from Gallu Devi Temple (Dharamkot) with the first halt at Triund where I pitched my tent for a night. I was carrying nothing luxury but a few essentials like Tent, Sleeping bag, Cooking utensil, Small Stove, Mattress, and some high energy lightweight food. The mesmerizing views on the trek were just out of the world. Every step I took was a journey to count. After the whole day of trekking, the night passed by pretty quick in peaceful sleep under the gorgeous sky. The next morning, I quickly wrapped up my tent and moved towards my next stop near Lahesh Cave which was around 3 hours from Triund. By then I was already starving for lunch. And to the surprise, I reached right in the time to grab a satisfying ‘prashada’ meal from a ‘Bhandara’ (a collaborative food offering to all those who pass by). After eating, I decided to spend the night at the cave itself so I had a little more time to admire Mother Nature. As the morning approached, I quickly freshened up, packed up some water & food. And started to trek at 6:00 am so that I can make it back from Indrahar the same day.

Trekking in Indrahar Pass
Trek to Indrahar Pass

By 12:00 PM I reached the top of the hill. I spent some time in the calm, just feeling the rhythm of my beating heart with each breath. After capturing the moment and making a lovely memory, I headed back to where I started. I was back by 5:30 PM. It’s a very difficult trek because the way to the top is through stepping stones. I was guided by locals and ‘Kaner – stone stack’ kept at every corner on the way. Setting up small goals to achieve big, Gratitude and Kindness, Trust, Resource Management, Stress, Patience are some of the many things that I have learned during this trek.

Himachal Pradesh is not a visitor’s destination for me, it’s another home to my heart. Hope you enjoyed my journey to the mountains? Kindly give your feedback in the comments.

Story Courtesy : Aprit Aggarwal | Instagram | Linkedin | Blog

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