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Snow to Me – Experiencing Snow in Himachal Pradesh

To me it’s my dream that I fulfill every year and I dream of it again. It is a pleasure that I can never get enough of. The love for snow is rooted very deep inside my heart, and also I am lucky enough to experience it even in summers sometimes, because I live in Himachal. I’ll be always grateful in life for that. Most of us feel the same for this white beauty falling off the sky. Snow in every form on every surface is the most eye catching and graceful thing anyone can ever see. My eyes glitter up when I see snow-capped mountains from far away, shining like a diamond.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh
Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Snow is a therapy for my tense mind. Snow can  Make the dullest thing attractive by just laying on it.Once in a life everyone should touch and feel the freshness of snow. It makes us realize a lot of things all at once. How these little things are all that matter, how we have been running after the wrong things all our life, how We all can be fully satisfied with the least of what nature gives.It’s cotton mattress all over the land, making the place look like heaven. 

Snowfall in Himachal -
Giriganga, Himachal Pradesh

Not only this snow is full of adventure too. We can sled , we can play with snowballs, we can ski, we can make snow angels, we can create snow-forts and snowmen, we can just keep rolling over and over, we can even eat fresh snow and a lot more. It brings energy to the soul and warmth to the heart. Snow can be dangerous sometimes but It brings thrilling vibes with warm hugs too.

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Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Snow can be enjoyed from inside as well, just sitting inside with a cozy blanket and sipping coffee, watching snow falling and settling on the dry grass can be delightful enough.Snow is like a new beginning. It’s like a change. It gives a lot of freshness to people and other beings. This summer again I’ll wait for winter to come, for snow to fall , for my heart to skip a beat again, to all of it to again repeat.🦋

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