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Pool Party - Humans of Himachal

Road Trip to Dharamshala-Mcleodganj

Dharamshala is regarded as the best weekend getaway when you’re residing in Kangra District. It was a Saturday morning (around 9am) when my cousin (Gagan Rana) texted : “LETS GO SOMEWHERE” in the family group. Me (Vijay Rana) and Karan Singh agreed to it and started looking for various options around us. The location we chose was “Masroor Rock Cut Temple” located in Kangra District only. We planned to leave before 11 am. While getting ready i got a call from Gagan Rana, he told me that temples are closed for visits so we need to change the plan and we immediately shifted to Dharamshala. There was no plan on what are we going to do there but were damn excited to visit this tremendous place. My younger Brother Sumit Rana and cousin Ayush Thakur also agreed to our plan.

Enroute Dharamshala - Humans of Himachal
Enroute Dharamshala

On 2 bikes and 1 scooty we left for Dharamshala. We took the short route via Chari and then bypassed Dharamshala and continued towards Mcleodganj. When we entered Mcleodganj area it started raining, we got completely wet. Thanks to IP68 rating of my Samsung Galaxy S9 which allowed me to capture pictures and shot some videos during rain. We stopped at a rain shelter to ensure other devices were safe. Then we continued our journey and just before the Mcleodganj Market we stopped at a Momos shop. We ate momos and drank chai. The weather was damn beautiful.

Bhagsu Waterfall - Humans of Himachal
Brothers Squad – Mcleodganj

We went to see the mighty waterfall – Bhagsu Waterfalls. Its a short walk with a scenic route. The waterfall looked amazing and had huge amount of current flowing, due to the continuous rainfall in Dharamshala Region in the past week. There are two shops nearby Waterfall. Earlier people used to swim down the waterfall but now it is illegal. There is a notice by Administration for the same. After clicking some photographs it was time to have some food. The best option to eat nearby Bhagsu Waterfall is the Shiva Cafe. Its a short hike just above the Waterfall. We went there and ordered some food.

Bhagsu Waterfall - Humans of Himachal
Bhagsu Waterfall – Mcleodganj

We were all wet in rain but that doesn’t stopped us from taking a dip in the pool of Shiva Cafe which is fed by fresh streams. It was really an amazing experience being in the Hills and having too much fun. After swimming we ate the food we had ordered. Now it was time to go back to the city.

Pool Party - Humans of Himachal
Pool Party – Shiva Cafe (Mcleodganj)

We finally arrived in Dharamshala. We went straight to Dominos. Ordered some pizzas and soft drinks. Now we headed to another amazing destination – The Tea Gardens Dharamshala. It is a picturesque location and falls on the way back to our homes. We stopped there for a while and clicked some photographs. It is a wonderful place to visit with friends and family.

What’s your favourite memories in the Hills?

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