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Prashar Lake Trek: An Easy Himalayan Trek near Mandi

I will say I fell in love with mountains at a very young age “Kyuki Hum Himachali Hai Yaar” but at the same time, I choose the sea as my professional workplace. Traveling, taking risks in life, seeking out new challenges is my passion.

So here is another adventures holiday story of mine – Prashar Lake (Paradise Trekked).

Prashar Lake is located in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. It’s a holomictic lake, whose depth is unknown. It is at an altitude of Approx. 8960 ft, and around 50 km from Mandi surrounded by mesmerizing snow-capped mountains. There is a temple near the lake, which is linked to Mahabharat, Kurukshetra war. There is a story of Prashar lake as per locals. The Prashar Lake Trek is one of the most sought-after treks in Himachal Pradesh.


It is an easy/beginner trek, goes through two routes one from Baggi Village and one from Panarsa. The trek via Baggi village is slightly difficult as compared to the other route. The best time to go is in the winters as it is regarded as a perfect winter snow trek with breath-taking beauty. Prashar Lake Trek is one of the most popular treks to go over a weekend from Delhi and Chandigarh. It is perhaps the easiest Himalayan trek to do.

It was the last day of January 2020. I was planning for a trek and I landed up finalizing Prashar lake. As I am from the hills, I did proper planning to get ready for the trek and also convinced some of my mates to join me on the journey. We were 7 in total,4 girls and 3 boys. We started our journey from DELHI TO CHANDIGARH via Train, then from Chandigarh we took a late-night Volvo to Mandi. On our Day 2 Morning, we did our breakfast at Mandi Bus stop and took a local HRTC Bus to Bagii Village (Start Point of Trek.)

The main journey started to Prashar, when we took the bus, I started talking with the driver to gather some more information about the trek. As the bus started moving out of the town the trail was getting snowy, driver told us that they can’t go further and they drop us anywhere in the mid-way only. The Lake was still 13kms from our starting point. We decided to start our trek, we planned that we will stay together and do it. I was a little worried, about my friends that how they are going to do it. But I decided to motivate each one of them and then we took our rucksacks, fastened our belts, tied our shoelaces, and started our beautiful journey towards Prashar.

The initial trial was through a path full of local houses and paved roads. But after the stretch of about two to three km, we reached the oak forest, from where the real trek starts. The whole path was steep and uphill with dense forest at both sides filled with pine, oak trees The trail was full of snow which started making our feet cold and hands numb along with some short breath as we’re facing difficulty in walking and climbing with our bags on the back. The snow was fresh It was not an easy climb to way up.

After walking on the snow, we reached a beautiful clearing, we took a break there, clicked some photographs. It was a beauty breath-taking beauty, the view of the Dhauladhar range, covered with white shining peaks. We sat there, recharged ourselves, and again started our trek towards the top after uphill trekking of around 5-6 km, we reached the top, the steeps were deep. There was just a single path, which we have to follow, we became slow as it was terrifying to walk on the snow, about which we don’t know. As we trekked for two hours covering 5 Km, we finally exited the dense forests and entered paradise. The thrill of this dangerous situation was rushing our adrenaline. I can say it was a true winter trek as there was snow till our knees, even I fell on the ground many times. The hike was a treacherous one. We walked slowly with all caution and cleared our way through dense snow which was 4-5 ft deep. The trail went higher and snowy, and we got more and more exhausted. After crossing the lane, we found some huts and then found some guest houses at the top of the hill. As we Reached there through the trail and crossing the fence, we saw The First view of the lake. I took a deep breath and said “Jannat Dekhlo” A view like none other, we have seen before. It was a paradise on earth. We all only felt it in our hearts. The air was chilled, we all were tired but still standing and gazing at the Lake surrounded by Dhauladhar.

Just everything was flawless and our time was just stopped for some seconds till we inhale the second breath. Then we took the last few steps to Prashar, getting the full view of the temple.

 We reached our guesthouse, we sat there, took some tea and food recharged ourselves, and then we all directly ran into the snow. There weren’t many people around so we got to enjoy ourselves a lot. We clicked photographs, captured memories, snowball fights, then in just a few hours the dusk overcome the whole Prashar lake, turning it into a more freezing and chilled area and I still remember the last temp I recorded there was -2C. It was the best night I had spent in mountains as the silence and beauty of the sky, was so peaceful in the bright neon light of the full moon.


In the morning, the shining yellow rays of the sun rising out from behind the mountains turned the whole place into a magical place, giving off a warm golden glow to the lake and the temple. The stunning sunrise view and the intriguing landscape was the best thing for a good morning. We did our breakfast, took our bags, and then decided to walk down. The way to walk down was quite easy. We didn’t take much time, and we are down only in two-three hours.


In this way we completed the climb that has motivated us to take up challenges, pushing our limits to an extent, and taught us the spirit of working hard towards achieving something. We often recall this story when we all sit together every time. Many feel that this is normal but I know pushing yourself in the mountains requires a lot of strength and willpower and Yes, it makes you tired, but at the same time, it makes you happy too.

Featured Human: Tarun Dadwal (@tarundadwal868)

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