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Never Ending Footsteps

A journalist by profession, travelling is my another passion. I don’t know what exactly thing is which attracts me towards hilly areas, mountains, rivers, so on… I feel nature whole heartedly.

Addicted you can say…I breathe nature…yes!! You heard it right.

During second lockdown I visited Nainital just bcz of my mum’s birthday. *Mauke pr chauka laga diya aur gaadi pahado ki taraf ghuma di.

Two days we people stayed there.

But again I rejuvenated myself.

Hills are my power booster. Because of the fresh air, less crowd, lovely weather throughout, peace, and of course I feel something positive and energetic. Just like I am on the lap of god.

I see every person as a mountain of sorts; we can see how they look from afar, but will never know them until we explore.

I hardly used my mobile there in fact not even bothered for proper networks n battery back up.

I had fresh fruits there desi khana and pure water. I mean RO se bhi jada pure paani pahado ka hota hai.

Even my family feels next home in the hilly areas whether Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh.

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