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Jibhi – Perfect Weekend Getaway!

Jibhi is a small village that lies in Banjar district of Himachal Pradesh, it is one of the lesser explored parts of Himachal. With no mall road to shop, no fancy cafe to Instagram about and no fancy worldly pleasure, that’s how Jibhi stood out against clichéd places like Shimla and Manali to me.

It is a perfect weekend getaway for ones who actually wish to explore leaving behind cafe hopping and shopping.

I, along with two of my friends took a bus at night from Delhi to Manali and got off next morning at Aut. It was raining heavily since it was monsoon season back in August last year, we hired a taxi to Jibhi and reached there after a much adventurous ride in heavy rain fall. All thanks to the Hanuman Chalisa chanting by my friend. Hahah.

We hadn’t booked a place as the rates are slightly higher online. So to save up some money, we looked for the places online, checked the vacancy (all the places had vacant rooms because it was off season) and visited a few places ourselves and chose the one we found most suitable, a homestay called ‘Crystal Mountains’. The place is managed by incredibly sweet Sanju bhaiya and his family who were kind enough to serve us with whatever food we demanded, at the odd hours too. The best part about staying at a homestay is that you get to eat local cuisines and a close look at the life of the localites.

📍Jibhi Waterfall

Later we left for the extremely beautiful waterfalls which is at walking distance. There are cute little wooden bridges that lead your way to the main waterfall. Once you reach there, it’s a very beautiful fall, a perfect view with the sound of water as soothing as music.

Jibhi - Humans of Himachal
Jibhi Waterfalls

We spent around an hour and a half soaking in all the beauty and clicking pictures too, of course.

📍Shesh Nag Temple

On our way back, we went to the famous temple of the deity worshiped by the locals here which is said to be 500 years old. It is located next to the local school of the village and is a peaceful place. While we were figuring out the way, we met an aunt who was kind enough to accompany us to the temple and on the way told us about the village, the NGO that she runs and also invited us to her place.

📍Bahu Lake

Next we went to another small village called Bahu which is pretty close to Jibhi itself and has a small lake where we met another sweet lady who we chit chatted with.

📍Saryolsar/Serloskar Lake

Following day, we went to Jalori Pass and started our trek to the lake. We started our trek pretty early, with no humans in sight and only a trail to follow.

Trail to Serloskar Lake - Humans of Himachal
Trail to Serloskar Lake

As we reached I couldn’t believe my eyes. Crystal clear water lake, pretty flowers, furry friends around, clouds wandering. What a perfect sight it was!

Serloskar Lake - Humans of Himachal
Serloskar Lake

One minute there were clouds all around and I could not see a thing and the other minute the view of the lake was crystal clear. And the transformation in between these two.

Serloskar Lake - Places to visit in Himachal

Having spent some good quality time over there, we headed back accompanied by another cute furry friend and got into our bus way back home later at the day. It’s been a year since I came back but a piece of my heart is still wandering in those clouds at saryolsar lake and those spellbinding views of rivers, mountains and clouds.

Mini Thailand - Serloskar Lake - Humans of Himachal
Lake View

A place called 📍’Mini Thailand’ and Trout Fishing are another two things you can look forward to here.

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  1. I felt awesome reading this article and got to know so much about this unexplored place in Himachal. Thank you for sharing with us Khushboo❤❤

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