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Hiking Essentials – What to bring on a Hike

7 things you need to have while going for a trek or hike. 

While there are a lot of articles already swarming up the traveling websites regarding how to plan for a trek or a hike. Most of these articles wont categorize treks or hikes. Let me first explain the difference between hiking and trekking. Based on that you can decide whether  u are going for a hike or a trek or just a  travel spree in mountains. 

Hike– An outdoor walking on pre-defined trails. Normally involves 5 to 7 hour of walking by foot. 
Trek– It is usually a long journey to be taken by foot for more than a day. No means of transportation available. You can have to walk for 2 3 days. 

While I don’t consider myself fit for giving suggestions on the planning of trekking. I have done 10 hiking excursions till now. The list includes Chopta, serolsar lake, bhrigu lake, fairy forest in kalga village.

7 things to have on a hike

1. A Waterproof Rucksack – You definitely need a waterproof rucksack to save you from the horrors of soggy clothes . To save your essentials from the uninvited showers.

Waterproof Rucksack
Waterproof Backpack

2. Waterproof shoes – As usual this is a must have. If you have ever been stuck in wet shoes and had to spend a few hours in those, you would definitely know the pain. Spare yourself that apathy. Decathlon is best. The basic range starts from 1000rs.

Waterproof Hiking Shoes
Waterproof Hiking Shoes

3. First Aid Kit – Don’t carry the hefty sun screen lotions or lip balms as you are not going to just another shopping spree in some local market. 5 band aids, a PCM (paracetamol) or crocin or a pain killer is enough. And if u can’t manage without sun screen or lip balms, buy the smallest sachets or bottles available. 

First Aid Kit for Safety
First Aid Kit – Safety First

4. A Colourful Umbrella – I took my white umbrella with pink polka dots on it. Trust me you will thank me later for this. Everyone likes photography and this thing is only gonna add charm to your pictures. Besides don’t let the scorching sun torcher you. Take shrine beneath this colorful thing while rejoicing. 

Vrinda with a colorful Umbrella
Colorful Umbrella

5. Euphoria Towel – Gym freaks may know what is the value of this towel. Take a small towel which soaks sweat easily. This is easily available in Decathlon. It’s a must have. You don’t want to smell bad. Of course you can always use a good deodorant but it’s always good to remove the root cause of the problem. Isn’t it.? 

Euphoria Towel
Quick Dry Towel

6. A Windcheater – No matter which season is it. You will always need this. Carry a lightweight windcheater always. 

Wind Cheater and Rain Cover
Wind Cheater cum Rain Coat

7. Miscellaneous – A matchbox ( na I don’t smoke 🙂 ,a lighter, torch, Parle g, glucose, sunglasses and CONFIDENCE. 

This is all u need, in case you are going for a hike. And if you were planning a trek above 4000 meters, this article ain’t for you. All the best. 

* I won’t include water bottle as it is so damn obvious.

Do you love trekking/hiking ? Share your adventurous travel tales with us. Leave a comment if you found this article useful.

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