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Khajjiar Lake


Can we imagine how Heaven looks like? I mean this is the place we all have to go one day. From childhood, I always heard from my parents or from my grandparents, relatives, the society that ” If you do good then only you will get good”, “Your today cause will decide whether you are going to Heaven or Hell”. But why people are planning or imagining heaven only after death? why we can’t dream to see heaven with our soul when we are alive?

This universe gifted us so many things that we can feel like heaven and Mountains are one of the best examples of it. So mountains you can find in any hill stations no matter whether you are in Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Ooty, Munnar, or any other places in this whole world. I believe that being in the mountains is so bless full thing in your time of living, you can find the peace, silence, connect to yourself and to your soul. In the mountains, we can enjoy every second of our breath.

We, humans, are so lucky that we are blessed with nature, with the mountains, rivers, waterfalls, greenery. Imagine if these mountains or hill stations would become like the cities, we can hardly survive because there’s no place to hide.So be blissful, be thankful, and keep the mountains clean. Nature is our only chance to survive.

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