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HAMPTA PASS – My unforgettable four days in the wild 🍁

I have always been a mountain girl. Even as a kid, mountains amazed me. I remember looking at a far away giant mountain peak and wondering to myself – What must lie within them? Were they just huge pieces of rock or was there more to it?

As I grew up and started exploring mountains on my own, these questions kept coming back to me. I needed to know. And the universe conspired to give me my answers.

It was 18th June, when I started my Hampta Pass Trek from Jobra along with my sister and 11 other strangers who have now turned to Good Friends.


It was my first time ever in the wild, with no networks, no luxury. Only survival. And trust me this excited me so much, I was finally living the dream I saw many years back.

Within the first hours of my Trek, I knew why Hampta Pass is known as one of the most beautiful Treks of Himachal Pradesh. I was surrounded by lush green forest, while the river was flowing in its full glory and the sky was drizzling non stop. It was breathtaking.

I lived in between Mighty Himalayan Peaks, the sound of the river streams was my lullaby at nights while the chirping birds were my alarm in the morning.

I experienced all the seasons from Bright Sunny days to hailstorms to witnessing SNOWFALL in the month of June. It amazed me, how nature takes care of itself and us. How it depletes only to replenish again.


I kept telling myself how Cosmically Insignificant I am on this Planet, how tiny me and my first world problems are. Living in the Hustle Generation we often take life too seriously, we keep complaining and cribbing about our worries. Mountains taught me to care about NOW, think about NOW and feel about NOW.

In these four days, I got answers to many of my questions. But many still remain unresolved, for me to discover them by going on new trails and adventures.

Muskan Gupta @muskanguptaaa

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