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Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Falling in love with Kasol

Kasol is a tiny but the most precious Hamlet of Himachal Pradesh located in district Kullu. What do I say about this mesmerizing location. You loose the track of time here. Believe me or not it’s an impactful place full of adventure to the tourists. It’s more than a holiday destination. It’s culture is so vibrant that you will remember the colours of Kasol for a life time. An amazing destination for every being. You will see every form of life dance in joy there. The utmost natural beauty of this village is mind blowing. I have been in the state of ultimate bliss here.

Kasol is also a attraction to Marijuana lovers. A music festival is organised every year in Kasol. But there is so much more to this land that is beyond all of this. Majorly famous for the scenic views and tradition, Kasol has much more to offer. You’ll find various types of people not only Himachalis but people from different states and even countries. It has become home to many and many Israeli immigrants, giving the place a name  “mini Israel“. The holy river Parvati flows fiercely and gracefully through Kasol as it’s situated in the very well known Parvati valley again one of the most amazing place to visit. You also can walk to the oldest village here called Malana famous for the culture and the holy temple of Jamlu devta.
Ohh! And Tosh omg, that place is literally the gateway to heaven.

Driving in Kasol
Enroute Kasol | Vinita Sharma

You can do a lot of stuff here from trekking up Kheer Ganga to going and eating in Israeli restaurants. You can go for river rafting in suitable climate. You can walk by Parvati, though mostly it’s recommended not to go too close to the river because of the extremely heavy flow. Admiring it from a distance is not less astonishing and thrilling as well. Devotees of Lord Shiva will find the ultimate Shiva vibrations here as the place is full of devotees also not to forget Parvati flows along. Don’t worry Bob Marley is a forever trend there. It’s a bliss to be a part of that place even just for a little while. The spiritual Waves are everywhere.

There is so much to discover and explore in Kasol that the little one day visit was not enough for me at all. I wish I could tell you more. But you can only experience that , it can’t be explained in words. It’s magical and exuberant in all terms. Would be no justice to   your life if you don’t visit there once in your life. It’s a  heavenly location. I would love to go there again and again. So, See you in the valley soon lovely people.

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  1. Really loved this article of your. The vivid description of place. The serene vibe perfectly matches the true self of the place. Keep up the good work 🌼

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