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Triund Dharamshala - Humans of Himachal

Discovering the Wild Beauty of Triund – My First Trek

I am under training in Navy. So the life is little complicated here that is my hard training life.  I rarely get  holidays but when I get, I spend them in most fruitful way and the good thing with me is I am from hills , my origin is from hilly area so I love nature and I can adapt in natural environment. So here it is my first fruitful holiday story – MY FIRST TREKKING EXPERIENCE (TRIUND)

Triund Himachal - Humans of Himachal
Triund Hill, Dharamshala – Humans of Himachal

I like adventures. I enjoy taking  risks . I like exploring, exploring mountains , getting lost into woods, listening to the soft music of water, singing with birds, taking risk with animals. To get wild is my passion.

Triund trek was my first trek. Triund is a place situated Mcleodganj , Dharamshala this place is lil bit far from my home. But it is a perfect getaway to the heights in Mcleodganj and it is situated between the Dhauladhar Mountains and Kangra valley. Triund Trek is one of the most sought-after treks in Himachal Pradesh and it is 9 km from its base point.

Mahadev Temple in Triund - Humans of Himachal
Mahadev Temple, Triund

I started my trek early in the morning with my cousin. We were only two, with 2 water bottles tied with our waits and some energy and chocolate bars with us.

Triund, Dharamshala - Humans of Himachal
Picturesque Location – Triund Hill Trek

As I am from hills, the trekking was not difficult for me and my cousin. But the difficulty was snow, the trail was full of snow, shining like diamond on the ground and that was everything one can ask for. But it was causing difficulty for us. We both were without safety gears as we were new. We don’t know anything about the way but somehow we managed to get through it .

First it was started with lush green forest but as we are moving towards height the green leaves started converting into frozen white ice leaves. The first 4-5 km are bit easy but last 3 km was full of deep steeps and soft snow as it was new which making our feet cold and hands numb as we’re facing difficulty in walking and climbing. So it was not an easy climb to way up . In our journey we met people we interacted with them and lifted them up for the trek. After all our efforts and climbing we reach at the top.

Triund Hill Top - Humans of Himachal
Triund Hill Top

It was a beauty a breathtaking beauty, the view from the top was mesmerizing and beautiful. No words can describe that feeling . You can only feel it in yours skin and  bones. The air was chilled . We both were standing and gazing at the Dhauladhar Range covered with white shining peaks. That feeling was delightful.

Just everything was flawless and our time was just stopped for some seconds till we inhale the second breathe. There was a sort of perfectness everywhere .Very few people were there some are taking photographs some are sitting and some are continuously walking here and there just enjoying the happiness of reaching at the top.

We both were happy , we sat there for sometime , clicked a lot of photographs , played with ice , had some food there and then we decided to walk down.

The way to walk down was quite easy . We hadn’t take much time. And we are down only in two hours . After coming down we collected our bags from the hotel and departed towards our home.

In this way from the green forest to white snow I conquered my journey and fulfilled my dream of trekking but there is so much out there to cover.

Travel Tale by Tarun Dadwal ( Survivor ) 🔥

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