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Beauty of India are the MOUNTAINS. Oh! Please take me back.

A story they tell, mountains of India ;
Of paradise captured and forests growing dense,

Store of knowledge are mountains of my country.
They may tell you of slavery abolished,
The unification of heart and mind

They may tell you of clean or dirty business.
Of unity in diversity or the fumes of hatred
Which burn dark hearts in the sanctity of homes.

There will never be enough time to hear unique
music of nature’s songs in its birds, its insects,
in songs of the wind, or the sounds of the sea.
Or how earth breathes and is alive through its
caves and caverns, through its crystal rocks in
bell tones that ring soothing sounds for the soul.

The beauty lies in mountains when you climb and experience the peace. They help you find the inner voice.

Featured Human: Shipra Juneja ( @shiprajuneja25 )

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