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Beaches Or Mountains? Let’s crack the dilemma now!!

If you look over the internet, ‘Beach or Mountain Person’ is a quiz or a personality trait trail taken by so many! It’s an endless torment for nature lovers. Should your next vacation be at the beach or mountains?

I have asked so many people what do like more, beach or mountains? And trust me, they couldn’t choose! I believe most can’t, especially the ones who dream to travel the whole world.  let us understand the perks of each.


You surely can see that I can’t hide my excitement whenever I hear the name of a beach! Tada!


School life ka only sapna ” Behan, Goa chal Behan”, ” Goa janenge, Beach pe masti, aur Kya?” But , but, this is also one of those trips where someone or the other will back out and that trip never really happens!! *Rolling my eyes* Sad reality!

But if you are one of those lucky ones, and have actually traveled to Goa, with your bunch of chaddi buddies,


you will know that Goa is not an destination, it’s an Emotion!

Goa’s beaches are something that has to be on the travellers’ mind when they are looking for options to travel. Lovely ambience and the soothing aura is what you can expect.

Goa brings so many things in mind- Beautiful beaches, perfect sunsets, exotic food, interesting people to connect with. Whatever feels perfect here can be included in your Goa tour packages, to give you that perfect beach getaway you are looking for.


Recently, I visited Shivrajpur beach, in the district of Dwarka, Gujarat, India. Shivrajpur: Populated by locals, dog walkers and tourists, this is the kind of beach to settle into for a long day. Bring your lunch, your dinner, your favorite book and settle in for relaxing at the beach.

Strike up new friendships with dogs, who will drop a ball at your feet and invite you to play. Go exploring in the rock pools to the right of the beach, or bask in the warm sun on the dunes. Treat yourself to chips and cold drinks from the hawkers down to the shoreline.


Well, Mountains! This word, unlike the previous one, reminds us of the idea of GRAND! The word itself is mostly associated with something extremely huge and positively high. That impossible panorama that one gets to see above, feel like they’re above the clouds and they have touched it. This in itself soothes oneself to take that climb, or just simply be there.

For some it is about the adrenaline rush and for some, it is about that feeling of reaching the summit. Mountains will always remain close to every human. After all, we all grew up drawing mountains when we were asked to draw scenery. HAHAHA!


I clearly remember the first time I saw kanchenjunga. It was in 2018, March. One of the most astonishingly beautiful settings of nature – Kanchenjunga with its family of mountains. A long pending desire had just come true. I had finally come face to face with the third highest mountain in the world. I took a few photographs and then stood silently, letting the feeling grow unto me. The silent aura I had created for myself.



As Cliche as it sounds, Sikkim is one of those places you can return to again and again and you would never run out of places to explore. Oh and most importantly, mountains to fall in love with!


Whatever you decide, the most important thing is to enjoy it!


  • Beaches actually help in reducing stress. They are one of the most tranquil and relaxing places on Earth.
  • Explore the unexplored marine life.
  • There is no feeling quite like the one you get when a wave touches you feet and you can literally feel the sand slipping away.
  • The unmatched mesmerizing colours of sunsets you get to see in a beach!! Hands down, no questions here now!


  • The magic of the mountains isn’t only in their challenge, or their call to adventure. The magic also lies in the mountains’ ability to connect us, to link friendships as naturally as peaks.
  • The accomplished feeling you get when you reach the top of a mountain! It’s something that can’t be explained in words. You gotta feel it to believe it.
  • A trip to the mountain is never an easy task. It will teach you lessons to be patient, to be optimistic to overcome hurdles. And in the end, that all the trouble was worth the try!
  • Mountain air has less pollution, *Delhi walo, sunn rahe ho?*

So lastly, if you ask me, have I overcome my dilemma: Beaches or Mountains?? Well, the answer is No! As a traveler, I want to see it all. Reap the benefits of the beach vacation on one day and head up a mountain the very next.

Picture courtesy: @aesthetically_awara
Thanks and regards,
Arpita Hait (@arpitahait)

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