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An Escape to Misty Mornings

As I began my journey to Himachal, there were less or rather no big dreams or expectations. A quick break from the monotony of lockdown days and ganging up with my friends were the goals for the trip. Little did I knew that this trip was in fact going to be a soul-refreshing journey. From the train journey, I could sense the signs of it. In the COVID world where travelling is considered dangerous. There were signs of tensions and chaos in the eyes of travellers. When I stepped into the land of snow and fog, the life of villageites took me by surprise, their ancient style of living, their love and compassion to all the new bees in the town.

Can we imagine dropping our phone and relaxing for 5 days ? or even one day! But, here we find these bunch of people who don’t even have the right access to electricity or network. I should definitely say, this is the best spot for anyone who wants to get away or disappear once in life. Living in this world with all the modern amenities, I questioned how peacefully they live in this chaotic world. Can more amenities or facilities suffocate us? I had plenty of questions in my mind as I stepped down from the hills of Himachal.

Featured Human : Gopal Menon @gopal_menon

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