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12 things to carry on hiking and trekking trip -

12 Must Have Things to Carry on Hiking or Trekking Trips

Seeing that Sun? Feeling those winds? Missing the adventure? I bet, you are thinking about The Great Himalayas!

It is natural to feel the adrenaline rush once in a while and what better way to fulfill that wanderlust than to take a trip around the beautiful Himalayas.

I mean, you must have seen thousands of tourists and foreigners getting hyped for a trek, or planned a hike with your friends that eventually got cancelled! We all have faced this. It is not everyday that people feel the need to become one with the nature, to meditate in the wild or to get that ‘ME’ time. Everyone feels enthusiastic, energetic and enticed with the idea to go on a trip, but with the idea comes planning. Planning to choose a destination, to get tickets, and to pack up your bags.

First two steps in planning are personal choices but the third step is the most important here and skimping on that can ruin your experience or lead to something much worse.

Luckily, we are the experts in the third department and we are here to help you pack it up good!  

Always remember, travel light, travel smart and travel far.

Following items are important for so many reasons but the main objective here is to have fun. Let’s Start!

  1. Water bottle – Water is the most important thing everyone needs to carry while going anywhere. Staying hydrated can save lives, because trekking or hiking can dehydrate your body fast. Always remember to carry a water bottle that’s sturdy enough to manage bumps and is also environment friendly. You don’t want to litter plastic and ruin others’ view.
  2. Quick Munchies – Water can satisfy your thirst but hunger can irritate you. Energy that leaves your boy while hiking or trekking, can be fulfilled only with food that’s easy to digest, light on stomach, doesn’t take up much of backpack’s space and easy to make anywhere. Mainly, ready to eat or something like energy bars and some packed foods can be considered but make sure they are something you enjoy, after all, you are going to the Himalayas to have fun, right!
  3. Picking up the right tools for your use case – Packing smart and light is essential but you need to know exactly what not to skimp upon. A Pocket Multi tool like a swiss knife with a can opener, a pair of scissors and a knife, a Flashlight mainly a rechargeable one that you can recharge with solar power on the go(you won’t have access to a power supply obviously and you don’t want a portable battery landfill too), some Sunscreen and Sunglasses to save your precious skin from sunburns, a portable Power Bank to recharge your smartphone’s battery so that you can access GPS and Compass wherever you are, because no one wants to get lost in the wild too much that they can’t find their way back home.
  4. Footwear to conquer terrains – Wearing the right pair of footwear is as important as packing right. A pair of trekking shoes are a smart choice but you can get away with any good grip sports shoes which can provide your feet with cushioning to survive long walks across the wild and maybe, through the rains.
  5. Pocket Hand Sanitizer – Your hands touch everything and take that dirt, pollution, germs on your way and this makes getting sick real easy. Never skip on hygiene, no matter the place or situation.
  6. Pair of Trousers to suit the weather – Whether you are going somewhere dry, or somewhere that gets a fair share of rainfall, or somewhere snowy, you need a pair of trousers that is breathable to pick up that sweat, something sturdy to take those falls, with lots of pockets to carry those usable items we already talked about and something built with quick dry material is preferred.
  7. Cap or Hat – A cap or a hat can be a lifesaver from direct scorching heat, falling snow, rains or hails, because no one likes a dizzy head, especially when you are on the mountains.
  8. Pocket Map to know your way – Yes, we know that your smartphone has a built in map but here’s a trivia, How many hills or mountain ranges support mobile internet antennas? it’s a good practice to download and print the latest map of the areas you are planning to visit inside a weather proof packing.
  9. First Aid Kit – Injuries can happen anywhere to anyone. Be prepared with the basic first aid kit to cover up open wounds, some antibacterial lotion or ointment, a few anti inflammatory pills and bandages to secure broken bones.
  10. Hiking Pole – It’s okay to feel tired, it’s okay to have a walking and hiking pole to cross snowy tracks or to get across that long route before dusk. It provides comfort, stability and support to your joints and legs. They also come in adjustable and foldable lengths.
  11. Camera to capture your memories – Our mind is the best storage to store those precious happy moments but in this smart world, you would want to show everyone what you experienced. Capture those memories using a camera on your smartphone or a dedicated one for the job.
  12. Tracking those calories burnt – In this busy world, most people don’t have time for fitness. Making your leisure trip also a fitness adventure can help keep that stomach tucked in. A fitness band or smartwatch can track those steps and also, will help you stay away from your smartphone when you need to know time or take a sneak peek into latest likes on the instagram post you published earlier that day.

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 A Few Closing Words:

I hope the above list of things will prove helpful in planning your upcoming hiking or trekking trips or completing your hiking kit. These are the things we like to keep in handy. We also recommend packing a sturdy rope and a climbing axe if it’s important to the adventures you plan on doing. They can also help help surviving in the wild. This wraps up our list of essentials. Did we miss any important thing that you like to carry along? Leave those in the comments below.

Be safe out there and return safe.

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