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You travel so much! You must be very lucky

I started travelling when I was working a 9-5 job as a data analyst in Gurgaon. I fell in love with the fact that India is so diverse and there are so many things to see and do- learning yoga in Rishikesh, plucking apples from trees in Manali, relaxing in the hot springs in Kasol, hearing the Dalai Llama speak in McLeod, meeting travellers from all over the world and falling in love with life.


So many people complain about not having time to travel but it’s all about how badly you want it! I used to leave my office with a suitcase every Friday and directly went to the bus stand. I travelled to a new place every single weekend. I used to reach my office on Monday directly from the bus stop. Yes, I slept on the buses/trains and got ready for office in public toilets.


In just 10 months I realised I didn’t want to spend my life behind a computer. I quit my job. I started a business online from scratch so I could have the freedom of working from anywhere.

It’s been five fabulous years of working online and travelling the world. Before covid I travelled to 10 countries in 12 months (3 weeks minimum in each country) while also travelling in India during that time.


If you REALLY want it, YOU WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN! You have the option of travelling while you’re working. You have the option to quit your job. You have the option to start making money online. The real question is- DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE AND FLEXIBILITY TO TURN YOUR DREAMS INTO REALITY?

Featured Human: Ilu Narang (@ilunarang)

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