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Ten years back when I was only eight, my mum left me alone in the house with only my uncle around, I was practicing typing on the new computer we bought. It was going good until my uncle came along, he asked if he could play a movie which we would watch together. I was excited and shifted from the chair to the bed nearby. He put in the DVD and started  the movie, I screamed with joy. But I do not remember the name of the movie, or a single scene, for he grabbed my face and did whatever he felt like. Horror and pain are all I remember and I had no idea how to explain any of it to anyone. I kept quiet for days, hoping for it to never happen ever again. Little did I know that it was going to happen every single day to me, every time he would find me alone with no one else even close enough to be aware of my screams. He kept doing that and I had no idea what was happening to me. I went all cranky for years, and was slapped each time I shouted at him. I was in class six when I first got to know about the idea of sex and rape. I tried telling my grandmother for I was afraid of how my parents would react.She asked me to keep quiet, she said “jo beet gayi so baat gayi” 
I decided to open up in class eight. My mom slapped me in front of the whole family and called me an ATTENTION SEEKER.The following year I met someone who understood what I went through, for the first time someone stood up for me. But my parents are opposed to the idea of me dating someone, and have tagged me as a ‘criminal’.
Four years since then, I sit in my house, like a prisoner, thinking why being in love is a crime when sexually abusing someone is not. 

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