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The Story of Rattan Chand Tailors and Sons

Back in 1970s my dad started cloth stitching business as a proprietor. Initially there were hard times but with time the business started growing and your shop was very popular in our region. My dad was well known for stitching coat pant for gents. The shop was named as Rattan Chand Tailor and Sons. After finishing my school I joined this business back in 2001 which added a support to my father who was handling all business on his own. My dad suggested a change in the name of the shop; I denied. On my birthday he surprised me with something which I can never forget. The name of the shop was renamed to Vinod Tailors. I wasn’t happy at all, who could be? He did everthing for us and taking away his name from the shop would be the last thing I could ever do. But he was pretty sure about this and thus shop got its new name : VINOD TAILORS. Sadly he is no more with us but his work is unforgettable and his blessings are always with us.  

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