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The New Me – Change is the only constant in life

People say that bad habits are easy to adapt but difficult to abandon. We can easily do bad things, be a bad person with our actions but it took immense power to stick in a good version of yourself. With bad things, I meant our anger, insecurities, bullying nature, sadness, or negative sentiments. These emotions can affect us. 

Somewhere I do not fully agree with it. You just need a single moment to make a change, to yourself or to others. There’s no math formula or no need for many years of life experiences to understand this thing. You just need a moment of it. That moment could be anything, tragedy, motivation from a person, or something. Only you can choose that moment.

I’ve seen and realized that change in me, from the last few years. My anger, doubting my abilities, trust issues, I’ve seen a big change. Slowly and steady I’m enhancing myself, I’m becoming a grown-up woman and I’ll make sure I improvising my self more & more & more. 

You can decide your moment to be a better version of yourself, not for others but only for your inner happiness and peace. 

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