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The Mountain Girl

I am a native of Himachal, and I have always lived here. However, waking up everyday in the lap of nature always seemed very normal. I never recognized the value of the place I was living in, and it never excited me as a kid. Needless to say, I never loved the mountains.

After spending almost 2 decades of my life here in the mountains, moving to a metropolitan city for a year excited me more. The city life quite fascinated me and I always wanted to be coming back to the cities. After returning back to my hometown, I would still miss it all. After completing my higher studies from the town I lived in, I decided to move out to another city. By this time I was  married, and moving to a new place seemed exciting.This new city again began to glorify all my expectations, and I was quite happy to be here away from my mountains. I started working in a corporate.

But for good, this all lasted only for sometime.Being an adult now, I started missing my hometown, my mountains, the greenery, the people and everything about it. As Covid had also hit everyone’s life my WFH life from our city apartment, was as disastrous as an animal caught up in the cage! Standing at my balcony I could only see concrete structures around me. This suffocated me more.

During the covid crisis, we were fortunate enough to be able to move back to home permanently. We left the city, and I continued to work from home for some time. By now I had been working for 2.5 years. But the thought of getting back to my office post-covid, didn’t please my mind. I decided to quit my job, as I began to enjoy living countryside, sipping my chai or having my maggie.Now when I stand at my balcony, I only see wide sky, incredibly tall mountains, the dense forests and greenery all around contrary to my balcony in our city apartment.

I breath fresh air, I eat organic vegetables and drink cow’s fresh milk. Trust me! the taste of the home made butter stands out of this world, and I never thought I would fall in love with all of it!


I have started loving the mountains, more than ever. More than I ever dreamt of, and its the most delighting experience for me. Living this life in the mountains, I only wonder what all do people in the cities miss. Living here is blessing and, my love for this place and the mountains is never ending, infact its just increasing with time.

And I can proudly say, “The mountains are my home, and I am a proud mountain girl”.

This is my mountain story.

Featured Human: Shilpa Negi (shil_07)

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