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Aditi Soni - Humans of Himachal

Stuck somewhere in my path

We grow, We learn, We move, We run ……………

Well, once we all had thought of being something in our life, I was running to become successful in my own race with life till I started traveling and exploring the best of me & the beauty of nature.

I saw the pure and transparent side of “HumansOfHimachal’s

I saw life without high-tech

I saw the smile of satisfaction

I saw the beauty of upside-down

And i found what we live daily is a part of Heaven and Hell.

The only difference is “HOH” chooses Heaven and we are moving towards Hell each passing day….

….I would request you all who never seen or been to heaven go towards mountains with pure eyes….

Written by: Aditi
Instagram: @aditi.131097

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