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Stories and the Mountains

There is an incredible difference in the aura of my listeners when I tell the stories in and about the mountains! Indeed, nature cleanses, nurtures, and empowers the soul.

I am a counseling psychologist, and a proud mother of multiple books. I get my best write-ups during and after my travel. This helped me to get India Book of Records for my third book titled, ‘Dating with Drabbles’ where I penned 100 fiction in exactly 100 words.

In my eyes, stories are like atoms and molecules. My sessions are tailor-made. I use stories as a medium for diagnosis and healing. I reached around a lakh of people through my stories. I conducted sessions for medical college students, school children, entrepreneurs, young adults, foodies, finishing school girls, etc. I prefer to make my listeners introspect and fall in love with themself.

And I love what I am doing.

Featured Human: Revathi Mohan (its_me_revathyi)

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