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Snowy Mountains Himachal Pradesh - Humans of Himachal

Snow N Water

I have been contemplating for so long about this and so far my thoughts are as scattered as the white light dispensing into colorful speckles. The toughest part of writing about someone is to scourge the right words.

People are perhaps like songs. Some you don’t like , some you like for a time being. Some you despise and can’t stand. Some are really close to your heart and you never shared them. But have you ever noticed that no matter how much u love the song ,if you keep playing that in a consistent loop ,your brain will start hating the repetitions. I guess same happens with the people too. You can’t get enough of the one u like until your brain tells you – enough is enough.

River in Mountains Himachal Pradesh - Humans of Himachal

And I thought he might be one such song which I loved tremendously, always on the top of my playlist, different genre which is usually rare. But he wasn’t just a song. He was music and does your brain ever tell u stop listening to music.? Na it never. Neither your heart nor does your intelligent and rational mind tells to that stop listening to music. You listen to it while your cooking, traveling, performing basic household chores or even while working in office. You just can’t keep music away from you. Not today, not until the day u die. So I understood clearly, he is not going to go away till the day I die. He is not a part of me that I can’t separate or put away for the time being. I have become him. Can someone separate snow from water once if it has melted and blended in the gushing waters. That’s y I loved mountains because they always reminded me of us, the glinting spotless snow being him and the quicksilver whimsical stream being me.

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