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सफर खुबसूरत है, मंजिल से भी ।। 

You all heard this statement, but how many of us really live this moment? Well, I truly agree with this. When I travel I’m just not excited about the place I’m going or the fun I will have with my friends or just those 2N  3D freedom but I also love the journey which going to lead me to another beautiful destination. Roads connect us with new people, with new places and give us lifetime memories. Since the moment I step into the vehicle my journey of adventure, my feelings of excitement just crossed the peak. That one night long drive, when you get to be a night owl, watching the stars and the sky all night from the window is something feels calming. Playing your favorite playlist all night helps you like a coffee so you can be a bathroom singer all night. That one-night dinner date in Dhaba we can’t have dairy. That one night when I travel makes me realize that night is not short at all, feels like it’s not going to be over and you can count every minute and hour with it. 

I’m a big lover of the roads covered with trees, a long drive in the mountains. You can be the witness of the dark misty night and a bright shining day, you can see the shine of the moon and stars on this planet and also admire the first light of morning on your face. I really don’t like to chit chat too much while because my thoughts when I travel is to find my inner peace, just enjoy the silence, just live in the moment without getting distracted. There is so much noise in our city life so why not give a break to our mind, ears, and mouth. Imagine the moment when the road is not so crowded and you just down the window mirror the wind is passing through you, give you the goosebumps and all you need to do is close your eyes hear them out, and enjoy the wind touching your face and the feeling of the environment change is something epic. In the journey might be you didn’t sleep, your back and neck are restless, but when you stop at any point for the break or for breakfast and you step out from your vehicle you feel so relaxed to look around yourself and know that you are close to your destination. 

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