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Dear Readers,

Today I want to know something about you, something very close to yourself, something which gives you happiness and peace, the joy of your life. Very few people have the same likes, dislikes, thoughts. Different people with different prospects, different, opinions, different preferences. Funny but are parents are also very different from us related to such things. I will not say they are wrong and I am right but we are different in many ways it can be possible.  When I see people nowadays I feel they believe in a relaxing life rather than a running life, for them enjoying life, exploring the beautiful world, reading, writing, capturing the moments, eating, choosing their own career whether it will be better for the society or not, loving is something they admire the most. In our life whatever we do, we do it for peace, whether it is not worthy for our parents, maybe in less money matters but we are happy about doing it. They want the best for us, no matter what we choose for our life.

When I pick my pen and diary and start writing down on the paper about my thoughts or about the experience, or for my blogs it feels like peace. When I travel to the mountains, seeing the beautiful nature, that is my relaxation. When I sit alone start reading a new book or the repeat telecast of the old one, that brings enjoyment to me. Winters and rain are the joy of my life. When I asked my father what is peace for him? what is the thing he wants to do every single day? He said ” spending my next many years in my hometown (Himachal), having a garden of my own, taking care of all the plants and grow a new one every day, spending my last few moments in the mountains” and I felt how beautiful this will be. For my mother leaving everything behind and going far for the meditation is peace for her life. I know she deserves this break from all of us, which is not so bad actually.

Some people feel happy in the noise,

Some of us like the silence,

Some of us like to be alone more,

And some of us like people,

Some of us like the cities,

But most of us want to live in the mountains.

Everyone does have their peace, where they want to go again and again.  

What’s yours?

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