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Pahari Hain Hum

We are Pahari and that word Pahar (Mountains) connects northern states all together with no matter how different languages, cultures we have or we follow, that bond automatically connect when we say I’m a Pahari. We are known for our sweet-helping gesture, warm behavior, and hard work. We believe in living a simple life with our basic needs.

There are still some places where they light lamps after the sky blinks and sleeps with a blanket having stars on it.
There are still some places where they use their heritage houses to feel safe which are made of mud and flat stone marble.
There are still some Kids walking Kilometers to reach their schools with Big Smile every day.
There are still some places where which are unknown to us.

Life is unpredictable, explore more, Travel more

Author: Aditi (@aditi.13101997)

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