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Gayatri Asawale - Humans of Himachal

Pahad Pyaar Hai

Pahad ,

For some it’s place , for some it’s spirituality, for some it’s home , for some it’s fun with friends, for some it’s nature ,
for some it’s romance …….:

Gayatri Asawale - Humans of Himachal

But for me it’s Calling of my soul ,
It’s an Expression of Patience and Serenity,/
Something that tells me you have to stand for truth ,
Something that will make you feel that vastness of your spirit and smallness of your existence,
Something that makes my soul and my spirit to experience true nature of ones spirit that is love and freedom
A bird in a cage does not realised that I’m in cage ,
until you don’t experience this vastness of Sky , freshness of air , liveliness of mountains you won’t realise who you are .

Gayatri Asawale - Humans of Himachal

Since childhood I was fascinated about Himachal, my first trip was with my family in Shimla , Kullu and Manali when I was 14 year old , after that I haven’t looked back . I have explore various parts of Himachal and Many more to explore .
Though I don’t have home in Himachal, But I feel the entire Himachal is my home .

I’m just a girl from ocean (Bombay)who is longing for Mountains.

I’m HumansofHimachal.

Warm Regards,

Dr Gayatri Asawale,
Physiotherapist, Osteopath.

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