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Oh Darling, let’s get lost together!

Still remember those struggle moments, but it’s totally worthy. Or else it would have never been the most cherishing lifetime memories for us.

Himachal: Oh beauty, maybe I have a shortage of words right now to describe you. We lost ourselves beneath that green aura, floating clouds and that freaking cold breeze over our faces.


Simply, the romantic vibe was all around. We didn’t put any effort into looking good together in the photographs.

We started to explore Kasol first and went for a long trekking to reach our destination along with our photographer friends. It was unexpected for us and we got to know after reaching Kasol.

Sudden plans are always fun and memorable.

Experienced awesome hospitality and scenic view @parvati_river_cottage along with the side of Parvati riverbank. Excellent place for camping & trekking with friends.


Then the climate surprised us more, we got saddened with sudden and heavy rainfall.

But this gave us the opportunity to get captured under different colours of Himachal (Kasol).

Look at the Sky view with those cloudy cotton candy!!

While travelling from Manali to Spiti, we halted at Rohtang Pass to feel the cold essence.

There I was simply living in my Bollywood dreams!! Dancing, running, posing along with my partner over the snow wearing that blue gown.


We were enjoying it literally, and it seems we fell in love again!! Our photographer friends were so happy, after getting their satisfied and real candid shots.

We faced very surprising moments every time & every step in this trip.

Nothing went according to the plan. Similarly, Batal was never included into our plan.

Due to excessive snowfall, we had to cancel Spiti (Chandratal lake) with a heavy heart and halted in the middle of the way at night under a tent.


Next morning, we got mesmerised with the view outside the tent and got to know this place is known as ‘’Batal’’. Very few have knowledge about this destination.

Temperature was at freezing point, unable to breathe properly along with scorching sun rays at high altitude (almost 4000m).

But the natural beauty of Batal didn’t stop us from capturing the moments. Our photographer friends insisted us to get ready. Wearing that heavy Red gown, loose hairs and fresh air over the face. All over, again it is a Cinderella vibe.

It was my second time at Manali. First time visit itself, I had prepared my bucket list to feel this greenery again. I am lucky to fulfil that along with my life partner, wearing that green chiffon saree to feel that whole ‘’Go Green’’ vibe.


Thus, we found ourselves at Himachal and turned our dreams into reality!! All credit goes to our talented friends @themomentmakers for filling our hard disk with so many good memories. A huge thanks to whole Moment Makers team for providing constant motivation & mental support to make this happened inspite of so many obstacles we faced. Spare some time to watch our whole Pre Wedding film :

At present, we all are definitely missing our travelling days in this pandemic situation. Fingers crossed; we will be back to our exploring days soon.

Exploration is the real essence of the human spirit!!

Featured couple: @tist_as_hmi & @rashmiranjan92

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