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Nikhil Chauhan – Know Your People Series

I believe it doesn’t take much to start a life-long affair with travel. A traveller at heart, I’m always thinking about your next trip. I spend hours searching for itineraries, budget accommodations and researching dreamy destinations on Instagram.
It’s only a matter of time before I’ve saved up enough to travel again. The only question is where I’ll go next.
My travel wish list gets longer, not shorter, the more places I visit. It seems like every time I go away, I hear about somewhere new I just have to discover.
I form an instant bond with anyone addicted to travel, be it over a shared experience or somewhere we’re both planning to go.
My home is filled with memories from around the world. I drink my coffee from a silly souvenir mug, write my to-do list with a pen snaffled from a hotel lobby and have a windowsill decorated with my best flea market finds.
To sum up my love for travelling – Sometimes I feel more at home when I’m away. There’s at least a dozen places I long to revisit, and where I know I’d go back to in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose.

Story – Nikhil Chauhan ( @hippy_trippy_happy )

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