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My Lockdown in Himalayas – Making Films, drinking teas and feeling the sunshine

After leaving my home in London in 2016 to study screenwriting in Mumbai, I imagined this to be the beginning of what would become my dream city life. However, two and half years later I found myself leaving my industry job with a motive to complete a novel and find a direction in which travel and being amidst nature was as inclusive as anything else. Soon after publishing my book, I set out on an unplanned solo trip to Himachal where I initially picked up volunteer work in a village above Dharamshala, knowing little at the time that this was to become my home one and a half years later.

When lockdown happened in the hills, our experiences here were a little different than to those in the cities since we had the liberty of being surrounded by incredible nature, as well as having a strong, tightly knit community that we were essentially quarantined along with. However, when we faced the problems of tourism shutting down, it meant simple things like having to arrange groceries and essentials from the market which was a 3km walk away, and that too under restrictions. As life slowly started to change it’s pace, the Lockdown Shorts project was something that I was spontaneously asked to be a part of. Instantly, I was eager and excited because not only was creating a film under the restrictions of Lockdown an interesting concept, but after a long break from being involved in all things film, I was able to reconnect by creating one out here that reflected on the stillness from travel that I, and many from the community around me experienced. 

Life in Himachal and everything that came along with living and sustaining in a mountain village was a completely different experience to my life in Mumbai, and almost the complete opposite to the life I had known growing up in London. Nonetheless, I am still as much in love with this place and the peacefulness of living here as I was at the start, and couldn’t imagine changing it for anything.

Thank you,

Amberee Pitamber

From Lockdown Shorts 

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