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Love if its true

And even though she did everything according to the norm, she was not happy. She was not content and there was a deep rooted melancholy that she brought with herself. She thought that she had uprooted the nostalgic plant of past from the moist soil of her heart. But wild weeds are impossible to devastate. No matter how harsh you go upon them, they find a way to sprout again. Love , if it’s true is a like a wild weed, stubborn and ungiving. And don’t take me wrong folks, love does not always means ending up physically together for life. There are millions of theories about fighting for love,getting together no matter what. They all are true regardless of the fact that those who don’t end up together, still continue to be in love. In a world of quick and harsh judgements people are scared to let their feelings out and yet there are people who wear their hearts on sleeve.Love is like a wild fire, it burns you to the core just to give you a new life. It’s unstoppable and ravishing all at once. It sees no time or age or right or wrong. If it’s true, you become better not bitter.

If it’s true, you  learn to respect and care. If it’s true, it’s mutual never one sided, as it takes two to clap. 

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