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Keep Smiling Girl

Where we reached today in our life we all seem many situations, some days were good, some bad, and some of the worst. And with those days we felt happy, sad, annoyed or sometimes scared. For particular situations, we do have our emotions ready in our minds. When I travel I got enough time to sit and think about stupid funny things which as a human being we used to do wrong. Human’s emotions are connected to their heart & brain, your reactions can affect both of them. Now it’s your choice whether you can make them happy or sad.

We all read or heard that we are the only person who can control our emotions, we should not give control to others. When you had a bad day or somebody you don’t like gives you the reason to get irritated or somebody close to yours said something which breaks your heart, what do you guys do? Feel sad, annoyed, betrayed? On that point did you realize for a single moment that this is the time when you give that person the control of your emotions. You let the other decide how you feel. Why don’t we just try not to give a damn about another person’s thoughts or words? They say you ignore it.

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You know the easiest way to ignore the negativity, just smile nothing more. Time is not constant it changes every single second. Why get angry, hurt, annoyed all the time when you can spread your beautiful smile with the world. All thought at least smile till you do have the teeth 😁 With your one smile, you can change someone’s mood, behavior, or even the thoughts. When you feel you are losing your patience, close your eyes, and try to remember the funniest thing that happened with you, trust me you will smile. Traveling makes you realize how small your issues and problems are, there are many things you can do instead of feeling bad. You can start with a smileπŸ’“

Smile or Laugh out loud 😁

If people say you are crazy, be the one.

Location of the Picture: The Ridge, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

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