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Jim Jam

She looked at her watch, made a face, and boarded the train. They were meeting after 5 years and he was late, as usual, she thought.
“This was the third whistle”, she thought and the train started moving.

She arranged her luggage and adjusted herself at the window seat, and saw him standing in front of her. “Oh Hi, he said gasping. “Sorry Sorry, actually I didn’t get the cab”, he added. “Listen, we are not kids anymore, neither we are in a relationship. So, it’s ok, you don’t owe me an explanation. It’s just that, I thought with time, you must have worked on these things”. She added.

“Oh, so, that is why you were checking your watch and made a face before boarding the train?”, he asked and offered an open packet of Jim-Jam biscuits. “I was purchasing these biscuits, have it so that you don’t feel sweet cravings in the middle of the night”, he added.
“You still remember this”, she took a biscuit and smiled!  

The train had just begun a new journey but a few find new meanings if taken again!!!   

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