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Humans of Himachal - Know Your People Series

Ishita Thakur – Know Your People Series

I love to travel a lot but since I m studying right now can’t afford me to go out that much. I go to places that are near my place. traveling means to me to relax my soul from worldly things. I live in a place where it’s all about natural beauty and it’s more disheartening when we people throw garbage here and there. In Himachal, there are so many sacred places to visit but we all ended up there throwing a lot of plastic stuff that we have used. I personally feel that one should be responsible for their own action and they should take care to protect the environment.i had seen many tourists came to see the Himalayas and leave all unwanted things there.thats so ill of last just want to say that people should realize that the Himalayas are the nicest gift given by God to us and we should take of it.

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