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Himachal Pradesh: Not only a majestic land, but a land of majestic souls

The beauty of Himachal Pradesh can’t be measured in words,So is the purity of people in himachal, popularly known as Pahaaris! We are immensely proud of our land, culture and tradition that makes every himachali a proud pahaari. This pride drives the responsibility in heart of each of us to make sure no one exploits the pure form of nature here.There is beauty everywhere from valleys to peaks and from bugs to the people living here. Wanna know why? Let me tell you…

Himachal has always been known for it’s rich cultural, We Himachalis didn’t forget our culture, we still practice it, we still promote it, we still are extremely proud of it and will never let our culture fade away ever. We cherish it as if it’s a major part of our life. Paharis are also known for their kind and helpful nature because despite of huge differences, We treat every outsider like our family and are always there to give a hand to anyone in need.

Then come our orchardists and farmers, people behind our famous Apple and other vegetables, they don’t just grow fruits and vegetables but they grow life and they distribute this  World wide nourishing lives . Also there are people who work day and night to keep this wonderland clean and green because it’s much needed, now that few outsiders and tourists have started demolishing the natural maintenance here.we are equally educated and intellectual as other people it’s just that we don’t have a habit of blowing our own trumpet. 

There is wisdom in the hearts of Himachalis, which has the power of ignorance for negative and immature Entity. This topic could go as deep as an ocean, but as for now I guess that’s it. So whenever one talks about this beautiful place the people will add excellence to the talk. There is a saying ” mountains are the cathedrals of our religion ” And I’ll add ” paharis are the worshipers ” .

Written by Vinita Sharma ( @barbiesharma18 )

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