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Have you ever woken up and felt fresh as a daisy?

Back home I usually wake up with the sound of construction or traffic or something else which is not at all pleasant.

My experience is Bir was so much different and fun. To begin with, it was my solo trip after ages and I had to build up a lot of courage before I boarded the bus. I knew the moment I’ll see the hills and the snow clad mountains, I’ll be fine but the wait before that was pretty jittery.

Nonetheless, I made it to Bir and in just 3 days I did so much on foot that I can’t believe. A small town with such a laid back vibe and everything is just walking distance, I can definitely see why people like staying here and coming back to Bir, every now and then.

My favourite experiences would be my stay in @thehosteller, Paragliding and watching the sunset at @thenortherncafe.

People here are really nice and helpful. The most perfect view, such beautiful, dramatic clouds, birds chirping all around you.

Featured Human: Rishika Kumar @thecookinggypsy

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