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Have passion not just for things, but for life in general and you’ll have the most beautiful adventure ever

It was always difficult for me to figure out what I wanted to do in life. Part of it was because people said, “CHOOSE ONE GOAL” and “FOLLOW YOUR PASSION” and that was the most crucial part, because I didn’t have just one passion, I had many. And this made me even more confused than I already was. How was I supposed to give up one of the many things that I love and choose the other one ?

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I took a gap year after my graduation thinking that I’ll figure everything out and find “MY PASSION” but I ended up neglecting them even more for the fear of choosing the wrong one. Ever since college, I knew that these 9-5 jobs weren’t my thing. Atleast I had this figured out..I always wanted to do my own thing, work for myself.

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During that time, I was taking yoga classes, something that I never really enjoyed before. But, this time, it was different. I really loved it and I was so used to meditation that one day, I had this intuition that I should go for the Yoga Teacher Training course, and I did. Within 3 months I was a certified Yoga Trainer. It was one of the quickest decision making that I’d ever done. This course changed my life and I’m a very different person today, than I was before. When you’re spiritual and have a spiritual Guru in life, you just need to have Faith and everything works out well for you. We have a teacher for every subject, in the same way we need a Guru to guide us for the most important subject : LIFE

You can have as many passions as you want but just, don’t give up on them. Work towards them. Just be content and grateful from within. Do what you enjoy doing and be patient, you’ll definitely be successful. Along the way, keep learning new things, finding new passions and you’ll never be bored in life 😝 And yoga and meditation will help you in all the aspects of your life, don’t miss on that.

Well, if you ask me if I figured out my ONE passion ? No, I didn’t and I don’t want to CHOOSE. I’m loving the way I’m trying to balance all the things that I really really love doing. I’m travelling and blogging, practicing and teaching Yoga, Learning classical singing and I have my own food blog and I’m Happy the way things are turning out to be. Slowly and steadily, everything comes together.

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