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Go Further

It was a beautiful morning in the mountains. In the lap of nature. I started walking without knowing how beautiful things I will witness, without knowing whether I can complete the adventure or not, without having any idea about me. Sometimes my mom used to ask me what is it you like about these treks? Why is it you always keep moving? why you don’t want to stay in one city for the rest of your life? If you like mountains so much why don’t you shift with us there, to your birthplace, in the mountains?

Well, I agree, every time I got the same hills, trees, the same mountains, village people, their home and I never get bored. Because every time I have this excitement to go beyond to see another mountain, go further, the bigger one. I do know that I will see the same trees and mountains but every city has its magic in the air. Nature can surprise you in any way, in the day and the night, different seasons, their way to celebrate the festivals, they have so many colors within their selves. I’m staying in the same home, I’m going to the same office for many years, I’m repeating my choice of food every week, seeing most of the same people all day, but I never get bored with them, then why can’t I see the same hills and the mountains and the trees or clouds after every month.

Walking on those small trails, leaving behind the road as you get closer to your destination is the way to choose your next challenge of life, a lesson in every turn of it, and a hidden surprise at the end of the road.

I can’t wait to climb the new but very same mountain.  

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