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Finding Myself – Life in Himalayas

My family moved from village about 20 years ago for education, health facilities and many other obvious reasons. I live in a town quite close to the market and every single thing is almost one call away. I come from a joint family, the one deeply rooted to the Himalayan soil, nourished by dripping sweat, on fields during blinding hours.

During my early childhood I used to play on the stocks of freshly harvested maize and life was all about that.

After moving to town, I used to visit village twice in a year, sometimes thrice too but vacations were not longer than 3-4 days. When I stared moving forward in my life, frequent visits turn into once in a while will-stay-there-for-two-nights-only picnics. Looking back into time, I hardly remember what the sky felt like when it meets the earth right in front of your feet and how clouds win over the sun.

Moving out of home for higher education turned out to be fun in the Shivaliks but there has always been this longing to go back to my roots.
// As they say, home is where your heart is//

Last year has been hard because of quite a few reasons and this year, well, we all know about 2020. In this very unfortunate and terrible time to be on earth, I found the long lost treasure of my life. My village visits are more frequent then ever. Every week I go back to my heart’s nest and hide from the world. Waking up early is not my cup of tea, but to be sitting on the dew dipped grass and feeling the freshly formed clouds is closest to heaven anyone can be. I am learning to re-love and appreciate the place I’m living in. I have finally found two new things to define myself, which are falling in love with sunsets and eating mangoes in my orchard.

I have been listening to people from other states crying over the beauty of hills and in this very unfortunate time of 2020 I am learning to appreciate every single person who make me fall in love with Himachal, every single day.


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