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Bullet in Himalayas

Finally figured out who i’m”

I’m the sweaty sheets at the bottom of the laundry basket / I am the cigarette stains embellishing my teeth / I am a 4.6 Uber rating/ I am a drove of insults after a minute of bargaining / I am a group of schoolboys whistling after you in the street/ I am love wasted on the undeserving / I am the nice guy on tinder who never gets a match/ I am the resting bitch face that turns you off at first sight/ I am summer in the city, peddling pills and powders to overcrowded concerts, eating disorders, breathing difficulties, insomnia and anemia / I am Russian deadlifts in an air conditioned vaccum/

I am feet on the table, legs resting against the wall/ I am careless , homeless, absolute wantonness/ I am held hostage at gunpoint for the scraps of my dignity/ I am dreams written over with disappointment / I am late night vigil and early morning meditations/ I am your morning Prozac and evening Xanax, drowned with a bottle of wine/ I am smiling children behind the white thicket fence, wanting to go to school in the autumn / and the old government employee that doesn’t want to retire/

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