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Every step can be an adventure

Since the day we start walking on the path of our life, we can take the charge of the consequences of it, we know the risks and the result of our decisions. Whether it will give us happiness or regret, whether we pass or fail in the end the only thing is matters is the experience we get from it. You will enjoy the journey or it will be a roller coaster but in the end, did we give up or hold the hope matters a lot. Adventure is not meant for hiking or doing any thrilling activities, in our daily repeat life we can feel the adventure. Because yes, you’re every single step towards the path you choose, every single thing you are doing in your day-to-day schedule is matters a lot. We might don’t want the bad days in our life and sometimes they harm us very badly as well, but why we forget that only such experiences give us lessons for life, that they show the reality of life and sometimes of people as well.

When I travel to the mountains there are so many turns come up, the bad road breaks our back and we can’t even get the relaxation completely but when the journey ends we can witness the most beautiful tie of our life, all tiredness goes, we feel more strong and energetic, and say to ourselves that finally, we reach. As being a traveler, the Mountains taught me this thing and make me understood how important the bad times are in our life so that we get stronger after every step we take. Except the challenge which your life is going to give you and get into it as a new adventure.

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